Treasure Hunt Winners 2017

Congratulations to the winners of our annual clued walk around Les Douvres – Harrison’s team.

And a big thank you to everyone who supported the event.Treasure Hunt Winners 2017


Outdoor gym session with Get Fit Guernsey

On Wednesday 5th October we teamed up with Maddy Diligent from Guernsey Fit Guernsey to offer a free outdoor gym session at Saumarez Park.

The morning session involved Maddy talking a group through each piece of equipment including tips on how to warm up and cool down.

Maddy also explained what to use to target certain areas of the body and she also gave different ways to approach the equipment depending on fitness level.

‘The equipment is really impressive! There’s a wide variety and something for everyone. The session was useful as it gave people the opportunity to give something new a try and ask questions if they were unsure of anything,’ explains Maddy.

Everyone was given a free Bowel Cancer Guernsey water bottle and information about becoming a Friend of Bowel Cancer Guernsey.

‘Research has suggested that inactive people have an increased risk of developing bowel cancer so regular exercise is really important. The session proved valuable as it has raised awareness of the facilities available to islanders,’ says Anne Brouard from Bowel Cancer Guernsey.

The outdoor gym is free to use and instructions are provided with each piece of equipment.

Bowel Cancer Guernsey opened the gym earlier this year to help people of all ages and abilities get active as part of the work that it does to prevent the disease.

Feel free to head down, get your heart rate up and enjoy the health benefits!

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Thank you to all who took part in the Prison Skipathon.  A total of £93.50 was raised.

Paul Riley collecting the check from Mark Keeling and staff in the Prison Gym.


Skipping at HSSD

The Finance Team enjoying the skipping challenge during Bowel Cancer Month in April.

Thank you to all who took part.

HSSD Skipathon


Bowel Cancer Guernsey donates Saumarez Park outdoor gym


A new outdoor gym has opened at Saumarez Park, thanks to a donation from Bowel Cancer Guernsey.

The fitness area, which boasts 10 different exercise stations, is sited next to the playground and it’s hoped the equipment will help get islanders moving more. The equipment, which cost £23,124.00, is  free to use and suitable for people of all fitness levels and abilities.

According to Dr Hamish Duncan, Consultant Physician and Gastroenterologist at the Medical Specialist Group, bowel cancer is one of the most common cancers with around one in 20 people developing the disease in their lifetime. He explains: ‘The risk of bowel cancer increases with age, with around 90% of bowel cancers occurring in those aged over 60, and it’s the second biggest cancer killer.’

However, the risk of bowel cancer, like a number of other cancers, can be reduced by lifestyle factors such as a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

‘The Bowel Cancer Guernsey charity is committed to prevention of this common cancer. Recent research evidence shows that in addition to the many other benefits of regular exercise, cancer risk, especially bowel cancer risk, can be significantly reduced,’ says Anne Brouard, Chairman, Bowel Cancer Guernsey. She adds: ‘The charity has only been able to raise the money to purchase the gym equipment through the generosity of the people and businesses of Guernsey and we thank them for their support.’

Zef Eisenburg, Chairman of the Saumarez Park Playground Appeal, has been closely involved with the project from the beginning and has shared his considerable expertise to get the most appropriate and best quality equipment.

The 10 different stations have been chosen to offer an introduction to resistance training, working core, leg and arm muscles as well as cardiovascular fitness. Some stations use one’s own body weight to create the resistance, such as the Leg Press bench and the Bench Press station.

Other machines will look familiar to gym goers, including the Spinning Bike, Seated Row and Cross Trainer. Wheelchair users can access a Hand Bike.

‘We chose the equipment very carefully,’ says Zef Eisenburg. ‘The finish is marine grade to ensure it can stand up to our environment and the different machines offer a varied and complete workout. Combined with the natural environment of the park, people can create a useful and valuable fitness routine and we hope that parents and grandparents will take advantage of the gym whilst their children are happy in the playground. It’s the perfect environment for families to be active together.’

The charity hopes all islanders will use the outdoor gym, but with older people becoming less active and at a higher risk of developing certain cancers, the exercise facility is particularly aimed at people who are less fit and reluctant to go to regular gyms or classes.

‘Bowel Cancer Guernsey hopes that everyone will take advantage of this equipment to get moving a little more. We believe the outdoor gym is a valuable addition to Saumarez Park,’ concludes Anne.


Skip yourself healthy at Guernsey’s first Skipathon

Skip yourself healthy at Bowel Cancer Guernsey's first Skipathon

Skip yourself healthy at Bowel Cancer Guernsey’s first Skipathon

Islanders are being urged to enter the inaugural Bowel Cancer Guernsey Skipathon.

The Skipathon, which takes place on 7th May at Beau Sejour, is being supported by the Health Promotion Unit. It’s hoped that hundreds of people of all ages and fitness levels will skip for the charity.

Teams of up to 10 people will skip for an hour and whilst the aim is to raise money for the charity the organisers hope it will get participants to think about their own health and fitness.

Research shows that people who are physically active have a reduced risk of developing bowel cancer. In fact, the largest studies show that exercise could reduce the risk of colon cancer by up to 25 per cent.

‘Skipping is a great cardiovascular exercise, it’s great for upper body strength and burns more calories than jogging,’ says Diane Mathews, the Health Promotion Unit’s Cancer Prevention Officer. ‘It’s a really cheap and fun way to add more exercise into your daily routine and the whole family can give it a try.’

One of the organisers, Anne Brouard from Bowel Cancer Guernsey, says: ‘We hope families, businesses and sports clubs will get involved and enter a team. Each team will be given a one-hour time slot and you can have up to 10 people in a team.’

It costs £25.00 to enter per team. There will be prizes of Beau Sejour memberships and Beau Cinema tickets for most skips completed in an hour, most money raised and best team spirit and every team that enters will be given five skipping ropes. Participants will also take part in a warm-up session led by exercise instructors and receive free water.

A diet high in red or processed meats and low in fibre and being overweight and inactive will increase the risk of developing bowel cancer. Age, family history and smoking and high alcohol consumption are also factors.

Diane concludes: ‘There will be a great atmosphere at the event and it’s a fun way to remind ourselves that leading an active life and eating a healthy diet can make a big difference to our risk of developing some cancers.’

How to enter: Collect an entry form and pack from reception at Beau Sejour, or download an application form from

Entry cost is £25.00 per team. Start times will be supplied when the application form is handed in.

Date: 7th May 2016

Time: From 10am

Place: Dave Ferguson Hall, Beau Sejour

Follow us on Twitter @GBCAC #GsySkipathon

Find us on Facebook www.facebook/bowelcancerguernsey

Download information and entry form here: BCG Skipathon Poster 2016 yellow

Download the sponsorship form here: Sponsor form.Skipathon