Loud Tie Day – Friday 31st January 2020

Bowel Cancer Guernsey is inviting islanders to don their loudest tie or scarf on Friday 31st January 2020 when it will be hosting ‘Loud Tie Day’ to help raise awareness of bowel cancer and generate some much-needed funds.

Schoolchildren, office workers, retailers, tradesmen, public figures and even local celebrities are encouraged to wear their most colourful neckwear while making a donation to the charity for the privilege.

Bowel Cancer Guernsey is committed to improving awareness of Bowel Cancer across the Bailiwick by spreading the message that understanding the risks, symptoms and early treatment can save lives.

The charity hopes that workplaces get behind the initiative and encourage their employees to get involved.  In the past, people have had a lot of fun with this event. From holding a ‘loudest tie and silly scarf competition’ at work to sponsoring your boss to wear something snazzy for his or her day of meetings.

What to do on Loud Tie Day

  • Enter the Skipton Smith Street Dash (click here for more details)
  • Ask friends and colleagues to wear as loud a tie or scarf as they have
  • Hold a loud tie competition
  • Have a raffle to win a tie
  • Have a three legged race using a loud tie
  • Just dress down and give a donation to Bowel Cancer Guernsey
  • Tweet a selfie of you, your work colleagues or class mates in a loud tie to @BowelCancerGsy #LoudTieDay20
  • Send photographs to our Facebook page – @BCancerGuernsey
  • Sign up to be a friend of Bowel Cancer Guernsey

Monies raised and donations

Donations can be made online to giving.gg Loud Tie Day 2020 or by cheque made payable to ‘Bowel Cancer Guernsey’ and sent to Le Pignon, Longs Camps, St Sampsons, GY2 4UQ.

Fundraising Materials

Loud Tie Day Poster 2020