Screening in Guernsey

Who is invited to attend screening?

People from Guernsey, Alderney and Herm who are aged 66, are registered with a local doctor and reside in the Islands, will be invited to attend the free bowel cancer screening programme.

The test is for people who do not have symptoms.  Anyone, regardless of age, who notices a change in their bowel habits should seek advice from their doctor.

People who think that they may have been missed from the screening programme should contact their doctor or the bowel cancer screening office on Tel: 01481 707740.

If you have previously been screened, whether in Guernsey or elsewhere, you may not require a further test.  Please contact the bowel cancer screening office for further advice.

The process

Participants are invited to attend a pre-screening appointment in the Day Patient Unit at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital with a cancer screening nurse.   This appointment lasts approximately 20-25 minutes.

At this appointment, the nurse will provide information on the screening programme, check your medical history and answer any questions you may have about the screening test.  If the participant is happy to be included within the screening programme, they will also be given an appointment date for their flexible sigmoidoscopy (flexi-sig) test before leaving.

What is a flexi-sigmoidoscopy (flexi-sig) test?

This is a test which examines the lining of the bowel using a thin flexible tube with a camera and light on the end.  This is a proven technique that is known to prevent bowel cancers and bowel cancer deaths.

The test takes approximately 10 minutes, however, participants should allow an hour for the appointment.

What happens after the test?

The specialist will be able to tell the participant how the test went immediately after.   Within 2-3 weeks both the participant and their doctor will receive a letter about any findings.

Are there any risks?

The test is very safe and has been routinely used in thousands of people.  There may be a small amount of bleeding after removal of a polyp.  The risk of any damage is very tiny.  You may experience abdominal bloating which is usually gone by the following day.

Further Advice

It is important to remember that anyone, regardless of age, who notices a change in their bowel habits should seek advice from their doctor.

For further information and advice on the screening programme please contact the bowel screening office on Tel: 01481 707740 or download the following leaflet: